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The Institute offers Family Support Professionals everywhere the opportunity to learn new skills and grow their careers. Through engaging, online modules and a personalized learning map feature, professionals take charge of their growth and advancement.

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All Institute modules and the career compass are based on the National Core Competency Framework (Spanish). Supervisor modules are based on the National Supervisor Competency Framework .

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About the Institute

Today’s digital landscape offers the potential to radically change the way home visitors engage with families, access resources in the community, and ultimately develop into highly-qualified professionals. The Institute’s dynamic learning map offers educational opportunities in the digital sphere that provide an overall roadmap of competencies leading to quality service delivery, and illuminates career pathways for home visitors.

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The Competency Framework

The Competency Framework

The Competency Framework is organized around ten domains. Each domain begins with a brief introduction of the domain. Domains are further defined by dimensions and detailed with components that further describe dimensions. Lastly, each competency is broken down into three distinct competency levels; recognizing, applying and extending. Download the Competency Framework

What's New?

The Pre-Assessment is back!

Wondering where to start your Institute training? The new and improved Pre-Assessment is now ready to take.

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The Compass is Coming in Fall 2018